Truefitt & Hill Mini-Razor Mach III



Truefitt's Mini style razor with Mach III head (3 blades). Made in the UK.

Available in Faux Ivory, Faux Horn Faux Blue Opal, and Faux Ebony with a chrome finish. Merely select your combination from the menu below to assemble your perfect razor. 

Other razors: available in a regular sized Mach III, Double Edge or Fusion head (5 blades).

Weight: : 0.05 lbs or 0.02 Kg
Length (including razor blade): 

3 1/2 “ or 9 cm

Replaceable blades of your choice may be purchased at your local drugstore of choice.  The blade the razor is sold with is a Gillette Mach III blade.

*No returns on used razors/brushes/stands for hygiene reasons